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What is Yin and Yang


The Chinese say that yin people are mainly interested in what happens in groups. They are frequently preoccupied with the organization of collective or communal events. They are attracted to politics. They are self-confident. They trust nobody. They need success to survive. They worship efficiency. They are always questing after well-being for themselves and for those they love or like. They have good heath and long life but may be prone to accidents. They don't smile a lot. They dress conservatively. They are not spiritual. They love their families. They are material.

Yin is open, civilized, interested in the good of others Yin likes parties, feasts, holidays, sex and anything else that provides it with intense company. Yin is not feminine. But it is sometimes said to be subjective. Yin is active in the world. Other-directed. Public. It is different from and equal to yang.


The Chinese say that yang people are loners. They are individualistic. They are meditative. They are spiritual. They smile a lot. They have no sense of groups or family. They have delicate health. They like to dress for show They eschew chains of command. They love nature. They are nonmaterial. Their only goal in life is personal development. They are objective. They keep their own counsel.

Yang is closed, unsociable, private. Yang likes books, music, gardening, long walks or anything that brings him closer to himself and nature. Yang is solitary. Self-directed. Yang's equilibrium comes from within.